Medicaid, Medicare and Women's Way

Can an individual have Medicaid and CHAND?

No. By signing a CHAND application, the applicant is attesting they are not enrolled with the state's medical assistance program.

Regardless of an individual's ability to pay their own premium, an individual cannot be both enrolled in the state's medical assistance program and on CHAND.

Can a Medicare eligible have CHAND in addition to a Medicare supplement? Example: An individual on Medicare A & B, a Medicare supplement policy through a commercial carrier, and a major medical CHAND plan?

Yes. The CHAND statute does not contain any eligibility or termination provision that would prohibit a Medicare-eligible individual from remaining on a major medical CHAND plan while also enrolled in a Medicare supplement plan from another insurance carrier.

State law prohibits the individual from having both a CHAND major medical and a CHAND supplemental policy at the same time. ND Administrative Code also prohibits an individual from having two policies supplemental to Medicare.

Can an individual have Women's Way and CHAND?

Yes. Women's Way is not insurance therefore CHAND will pay first and Women's Way would pay next.