Maternity, Newborns, Adoptions and Infertility

Is CHAND obligated to provide primary coverage to a newborn covered on the mother's policy during the first 31 days following birth?

If there is another insurer other than CHAND, that insurer is primary. The legislative intent is for CHAND to cover the newborn babies only if there is no other insurer available to insure a family member.

CHAND is not considered a secondary payer if another insurer can cover the newborn.

Does CHAND cover any type of infertility treatment, services or prescriptions?

No. Services related to infertility, including assisted conception, donor eggs including any donor treatment and retrieval costs, donor perm, surrogate pregnancy and delivery, gestational carrier pregnancy and delivery, and preimplantation testing are not covered. A detailed explanation of the exclusions is included in the benefit plan.

Will CHAND provide coverage to a newly born adopted child through the mother's policy during the first 31 days following birth if there is another coverage option for the newborn?

Yes. Once the adoption is complete, the child is legally recognized as the child of the parents who adopted it. If the newborn does not have health coverage, it can be covered through the mother's association benefit for the first 31 days.